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Hortitek is an international, leading-edge brand for hydroponic lighting equipment. Born from the innovative Western Electrical, Hortitek’s cutting-edge design has placed it at the forefront of the hydroponics industry. Each product offers workhorse reliability, state of the art functionality, maximum efficiency and industrial strength at an affordable price point.

LMU ENG Catalogue


  • L1202 – 6 ON 40A 1PH
  • L1203 – 8 ON 60A 1PH
  • L1205 – 12 ON 4 LIVE 63A 1PH
  • L1208 – 12 ON/OFF 4 LIVE 63A 1PH
  • L1209 – 12ON/12OFF OR 24ON 4L 80A 1PH TD
  • L1211 – 12ON/12OFF OR 24ON 4L 63A 1PH TD
  • L1225 – 12ON/12OFF 4 LIVE 63A 1PH TD
  • L1235 – 16ON/16OFF 4 LIVE 100A 1PH TD
  • L1242 – 12ON/12OFF OR 24ON 4L 100A 1PH TD
  • L1243 – 27ON/27OFF OR 54ON 6L 63A 3PH TD
  • L1244 – 27ON/27OFF OR 54ON 6L 80A 3PH TD
  • L1249 – 24ON/24OFF 6L 100A 1PH TD
  • L2002 – 16ON/16OFF 4LIVE 80A 1PH TD
  • L2020 – 36ON/36OFF OR 72ON 6L 100A TD
  • L2240 – 18ON/18OFF OR 36ON 6L 63A 3PH TD




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