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Jupiter 2 Kit 3 Light Mover – 4Mtr

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New Updated Version June 17

The Jupiter 2 range of light movers have been designed as a modular system.
Whatever system you begin with it will be possible to either add on or remove the push rod assembly or crossbars to suit the size of your growing area without ever having to change the motor unit.

The motor unit for all kits is identical and comes fitted with a variable delay timer adjustable from 0.5 – 60 seconds,  which is achieved by way of an adjustment screw on the front of the motor unit.

The motor traction speed has been set at the optimal level for excellent growth which is approximately 140 seconds per metre.
The time delay option allows the light mover to pause at each end of the track for a desired length of time. This allows the plants at the ends of the garden time to absorb an even amount of light as the centre part of the garden, resulting in an even growth profile. Without the time pause at each end you may find that the centre growth becomes taller than the ends.

By attaching a push-rod and jockey wheel set to the motor unit it is possible to move 2 lamps in line with the track.

Kit 3 is suitable for 2 lights running in line with the 4 metre rail.

The globe length will be in line with the rail.

Q: Prefer globes mounted at 90 degrees to rail?

Then purchase appropriate size Adjustabar (crossbar) which

can be clamped on to pushrod.

Comes complete with:

4 metre aluminium rail (2 x 2 metre with joiners and hardware)

2 metre  Adjustabar pushrod kit with 4 eye bolts to hang 2 lights.

Motor with variable time delay, 0 – 60 seconds