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  • Zip-Zag bags have high-tech vapour control. Seal in flavours and ALL the aromas! Zip-Zag bags are designed to safely keep everything inside the bag: where it belongs!
  • Comprised of a special material that is 100% food grade safe and super tough. You can use, reuse, wash and keep the bags for a long time because they will never tear. That’s because Zip-Zag bags are puncture resistant and really tough!
  • Zip-Zag bags have an INTERNAL LOCK SYSTEM, a proprietary technology that guarantees Zip-Zag bags are airtight, and extra strong. They have a silky smooth zipper that opens and closes effortlessly.
  • Zip-Zag are super tough: and we mean it. Zip-Zag bags can withstand 150lb of pressure without the need of heat sealing
  • 100% Made in Canada. Everything is sourced in USA and Canada and proudly manufacture in Canada.